Killing the Grizzly #1 - New Column on the birth of e-comics distribution over at Septagon Studios

Whoot! My new super-cool gig at Septagon Studios has begun.

KILLING THE GRIZZLY #1 - the first of a long series of articles dedicated to chronicling the rise of the online comic boos publishing sphere, from e-comics, downloadable comics, online marketplaces such as Wowio, Literate Machine, Lulu, Clickwheel, then independent folks who are trying some truly cutting edge things, plus creative collectives like Chimera and Alterna, who have found solid success in keeping everything electronic. Creators have literally DROPPED their productive print-media contracts in favor of going digital. Why? Because they're making money. In print, they were not. How?

Come join me and find out.

Killing the Grizzly - How to break into e-comic business

"The world has changed.

There are less theatrical ways to put that, but none simpler in declaring this manifest truth: we’ve progressed. Beyond the printed page, though we’ve yet to leave those bastard scions of trees behind; beyond the water-stained warehouses and corner-crumpled cardboard boxes of overfed distribution systems. We feel far stranger today sitting there with a newspaper in hand, unable to double-click on names within the articles. It has become an existential dilemma to hold a book in our hands and realize we have no way of sharing it with others, beyond writing about it, or scanning it page by page into our computer and then equally as drudgery-slow uploading the images into a cohesive PDF, rather than post a link to download a ready-made digital copy and be done with it, gain a few hundred shared readers within hours of its posting. In a world of instant photo, video, journal, and profile sharing, anything slower than now, and costlier than free, is unacceptable."


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Donna Barr said...

I know I'm so Old School about this -- but I just keep putting things up at
They've had full download of anything for years. I should check and see what they have for Kindle and ipod. And I just don't feel like trying to slap up my books -- which, by the way, takes hour after hour, when you have dozens of books like I do -- with every new digital company that comes along. What I'm now is just putting up teasers back to Lulu. let me do that.

Blogger said...

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